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Find the equipment that's right for you. We Will rent you everything you need to clean up your water damage. We can be at your home within 60 minutes and advise you on the equipment that's right for you

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  • Air Mover - Centrifugal
    Dry your carpet fast with this 1/3 Horsepower centrifugal Air Mover coupled with a two speed switch that allows you to deliver the most airflow using the fewest amps.
    Price $22.00* per day
  • Air Mover - Axial
    FOCUS technology revolutionizes evaporative drying by producing CFM greater than competitive products and focusing those CFMs on hard to dry areas such as carpet and pad, sub floor and walls. Moves a lot of air.
    Price $32.00* per day
  • Dehumidifier
    Removes up to 64 pints per day. Super convenient size.
    Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost.
    Price $64.00* per day
  • LGR Dehumidifier
    LGR technology boosts effective operating range. Compact size - only 92 pounds. Draws only 5 amps - but removes 70 pints at AHAM.
    Price $84.00* per day
  • Extraction Unit - Portable
    Powerful suction - Two motors create up to 230 CFM of suction for increased water removal. 90 Gallons per minute discharge with hose.
    Price $90.00* per day
  • Moisture Meter
    The meter has contact probes at the end of 3 foot coiled cable for detecting moisture in difficult to reach locations.
    Price $5.00* per day
  • Pump Sprayer - hand
    Designed for heavy duty, continuous spraying. This sprayer is perfect for applying an antimicrobial product. Includes easy-fill wide mouth and cone spray jet spraying.
    Price $10.00* per day
  • Tool kit
    Basic tools needed for flood work. Includes pliers, screw drivers, scraper, pry bar, utility knife w/blades, etc.
    Price $12.00* per day
  • Injectidry (wall system)
    Specially developed to target areas that need high air exchange rates. Set up in minutes. Replace fewer walls and ceilings. Dries beneath and behind cabinets and stairwells.
    Price $150.00* per day
  • Injectidry (floor system)
    Floor drying system. Used to dry most types of hardwood and engineered floors. Save your damaged floor instead of facing costly replacement.
    Price $190.00* per day
  • Disinfectant Spray
    Disinfectant Spray is a water based bacteriacide, fungicide, deodorant, antimicrobial all-in-one unique formulation. Used to treat mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria. Mixed and ready to use.
    Price $23.00* per gal
  • Personal protective kit
    Protect yourself from dirty water and odor causing bacteria. Includes: disposable gloves, mask, boots and eye protection.
    Price $22.00* each
  • Foam Blocks
    Super high density polystyrene supports heavy furniture. Pre-cut to prevent crumbling: just snap them apart. Prevents rust and furniture stains. Each measures 2x2x1 inches.
    Price $14.00* per sheet
  • Bags - heavy duty
    Contractor grade clean up bags. Heavy duty. Used to haul debris from water damage. Great for wet pad and carpet.
    Price $24.00* per box
  • Latex gloves
    Excellent resistance to punctures and tears. Keep yourself safe from dirty water and odor causing bacteria.
    Price $3.00* per pair
  • Moving Box - Medium
    18x18x16 Medium Moving Box. This box is great for most of the belongings you will be moving such as kitchen items, linens, toys, clothes, and much more.
    Price $5.00* each
  • Consultant
    Trained and certified in water damage restoration. Will assess the damage and give advice and training on flood cleanup and repairing of damage.
    Price $37.00* per hour
  • Consultant - After hrs
    Trained and certified in water damage restoration. Will assess the damage and give advice and training on flood cleanup and repairing of damage. After hours rates applied.
    Price $55.00* per hour
  • Delivery & Pickup
    Price to deliver or pick up equipment. Includes truck and labor to load equipment. Includes area within 30 miles of warehouse location.
    Price $65.00* per trip
  • Estimate
    Includes a full water damage estimate by a certified flood technician or consultant. Can be given to the insurance company to file a claim.
    Price $95.00* each
  • Service call
    Includes flood technician visit to home to assess damage, set or pick up equipment or help with flood work. Price for 1 tech for under 1 hour (including travel time).
    Price $85.00* per trip