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Frequently asked question

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  • What should I do if my home is flooding?

    The first thing to do when you find water or sewage in your home is to remain calm. Second, try to locate the source of water or sewage, and if possible turn it off. Third, call Do It Yourself Flood for 24 hour Emergency help. Timely action is needed to prevent further damage to carpet, furniture or personal belongings. IICRC technicians will teach you how to remove water from the affected area and begin mold and mildew preventive steps. Our technicians will also supply equipment to lower humidity because too much moisture in the air can cause secondary damage.

  • Do I need a contractor license to clean up water damage in my home?

    No. Cleaning up from a water disaster doesn’t require any special license. There are certifications that workers can earn, but no specific licensing required. You don’t even need a license to do repairs to your own home. A license becomes necessary only when you do work for other people on property you do not own.

  • How does “Do It Yourself Flood” make money if they give out the training for free?

    We make our money by renting equipment and providing the supplies needed to do the job right. Most people have the ability to do the labor and clean up themselves. We supply the stuff that people can’t get themselves, and we give you all the trade secrets for free.

  • Do you ever do the complete job including labor?

    Yes, some people don’t want to do any of the work. In that case we can supply all the labor to do the job from start to finish. We are also licensed General Contractors so we have the experience to handle any disaster.

  • How much will this really cost to clean up my flooded basement?

    By doing the labor yourself you are saving, on average, about 50% of the cost of the water damage clean up. There is still the cost of equipment, tools and chemicals. You can expect to pay around $500 dollars for a small flood and up to $5000 on a large flood. If you need an exact price we can always come to you and give you an exact bid.

  • I had water damage in my home a couple of days ago and I cleaned it up myself but it smells musty. Is there a way to get rid of the musty smell?

    Because of the variability of each situation, to answer this question or any question about water damage jobs, call Do It Yourself Flood. When water damage occurs in a home, it is imperative to remove any water or moisture as soon as possible. When our technicians are called to a flood or any water damage job, we supply equipment such as a high-powered extraction unit to remove the water, air movers, dehumidifiers, and an antimicrobial to clean and dry all affected areas. For this reason, in most cases and without our help, the equipment, chemicals etc. that a homeowner has access to are not enough to do the job. Without a proper clean up and dry-out, what might have been a small job may become a big and expensive one.