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Who we are.

Do It Yourself Flood is a proven marketing system for restoration companies that easily works with your current business. DIY Flood gives you another source for finding water damage jobs that you otherwise would not have access to.

How it works.

Everyday thousands of homeowners search for information on how to clean up their own water damage. The DIY Flood system advertises to homeowners searching online and provides them with the solutions they need.

these “do-it-yourself? homeowners need equipment and guidance to clean up their job correctly – that’s where DIY Flood comes in.


DIY Flood provides the homeowners with everything they need to cleanup the flood themeselves. this is a win-win for the homeowner and the restoration contractor. The homeowners SAVES money and the contractor MAKES money by renting equipment that would otherwise be sitting on the shelf in the shop.

the majority of homeowners need more than just equipment rental. We’ve found that many DIY Flood jobs turn “full services? restoration projects-increasing profits even more.

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Steven has increased his water damage leads using the DIY Flood system.

“I highle recommend this system. I’m getting calls from people i would never find without DIY Flood?.

Steven Clark – ARS Flood & Fire Cleanup Casper WY

Membership Benefits:

DIY Flood is the key to accessing additional floods from a virtually untapped market.

Kevin taylor – rockwell disater cleanup

  • Exclusive Territory

    Secure your territory and lock in your exclusive area.

  • Customized Website

    Local Website customized and optimized to your area.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    In most cases we can get you on the first page in Google!

  • Local Phone number

    Local phone number and available call service.

  • Maketing Material, Invoices

    Everything you need to add this system to your current business.

So simple.

DIY Flood jobs are so simple they can be handled with just one technician using your current vehicles and equipment.

As a DIY Flood member you will consult with the homeowner and deliver the equipment needed. You do the easy, high profit part of the job!

We’re different.

We are not a franchise. You Keep your company name and your independences.

DIY Flood is a marketing system that utilizes your current business equipment, insurance and licensing.

As a member you will have the marketing potential of having another business without all the costs and hassles of running an additional company.

DIY Flood is simple to set up and will quickly bring jobs you would never have gotten any other way!